Laminated Panels for Recreational Vehicles and RV Market

Australian Laminators produces a wide range of laminated wall, ceiling and furniture panels for the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market.

The RV market includes manufacturers of Caravans, Motor Homes, Campervan fit-out specialists, and Bus & Van fit-out specialists.

Manufacturers in the RV market require high quality, durable laminated panels that have a wide range of tolerances to heat and moisture, and are able to take more wear and tear than standard panels.

They also need a manufacturer that is able to produce panels in both low and high volumes depending on their immediate requirements.

Here at Australian Laminators we are able to meet these needs with small and specialised production runs as well as providing an extensive range of decorative finishes.

Surface Finishes Range

Vinyl Films

  • Aegean Buff
    Aegean Buff
  • Aegean Glacier
    Aegean Glacier
  • Aegean Oyster
    Aegean Oyster
  • Aegean Parchment
    Aegean Parchment
  • Aegean Shadow
    Aegean Shadow
  • Eclipse Glacier
    Eclipse Glacier
  • White Decorclad
    White Decorclad

Paper Foils

  • Bologna Oak
    Bologna Oak
  • Hoop Pine
    Hoop Pine
  • Birch
  • Tuscan Oak
    Tuscan Oak
  • Tasmanian Oak
    Tasmanian Oak
  • Spotted Gum
    Spotted Gum
  • Designer Ash
    Designer Ash

High Pressure Laminates

  • Golden Pear
    Golden Pear
  • True Beech
    True Beech
  • Natural Beech
    Natural Beech
  • Authentique Antique White
    Authentique Antique White
  • Grey Alumino
    Grey Alumino
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
  • White Liner
    White Liner

Decor Laminates

  • Eminent Walnut
    Eminent Walnut
  • Crystal White
    Crystal White
  • Asturias Teak
    Asturias Teak
  • Primary Oak
    Primary Oak
  • Greco Oak
    Greco Oak

Colours given as an indicative reference only and will vary dependant on screen and print resolutions.

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  • Laminated Panels for Caravans & Recreational Vehicles
– courtesy of Camden Caravans

Wall & Ceiling Panels for RV Market

  • Extensive range of Paper Foils and Vinyl Films
  • Plywood Substrate – we use lightweight plywoods in the RV market, providing significant weight savings in fit-outs
  • Sizing: Paper & Vinyl Laminated Plywood sheets – 2440mm x 1220mm
  • Panel thicknesses available in 2.7mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm thick lightweight plywoods

Furniture Components for RV Market featuring European quality and Style

  • European sourced papers and substrates for a clean superior finish and look.
  • Thicker substrates designed for the cabinetry and perfect for furniture components.
  • Highly durable panels
  • Panels made to order, therefore no requirements for large stock holdings.
  • Low to high volume production runs perfect for local Australian manufacturers and fit-out specialists

Toll Pressing Service

We are able to provide contract toll pressing services for high quality laminated panel production. Using our high quality laminating presses you can guarantee the end result and quality of your laminated panels. A toll pressing service gives you the option to provide your own laminates and/or substrates for processing into panels perfect for your needs. Call our sales representatives to discuss this service.

Designer Range of Laminated Panels for RV Market

Our Designer Range of panels for the RV market include High Pressure laminates and higher wearing vinyls. This range is perfect for modern looking furniture and cabinetry and is available in a gloss finish if required.

The Designer range is typically used by manufacturers and fit-out specialists for cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen bench tops, and in bathrooms – providing an upmarket solution for superior fit-outs and finish

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We are a wholly family owned Australian company, supplying flat laminated panels to a diverse range of industries. We pride ourselves on being “Leaders in Lamination”.

Our mission is to deliver specialised flat laminated panel solutions on spec, on time, at a competitive price whilst aiming to make a positive contribution towards the protection of the environment.

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