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High Pressure Laminated Panels
We specialise in the manufacture of high pressure laminated panels that are highly durable and meet the standards of very demanding value added manufacturers.

High pressure laminates for  Commercial Furniture and Joinery, Kitchen manufacturing, RV, Caravan & Campervan manufacturing and other diverse market sectors.


Laminated Panels Made-to-Order
At Australian Laminators we produce customised laminated panels, made-to-order to our customers sizes and specifications.

Suitable for multiple market segments from Recreational Vehicle fit outs to Commercial Furniture and Joinery, we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure their needs come


Manufacturing Flexibility
Providing a manufacturing service that is both flexible and of the highest quality assuring peace of mind to our valued clients.

Our Customers rely on us to provide them with high-quality laminated products, cut-to-size and just-in-time, whilst eliminating their need to order excessive and often slow moving stock.


Industries We Serve

Aclass Motorhome - kitchen-home

RV Manufacturers

The Recreational Vehicle industry is a unique market and we are proud suppliers of a wide range of laminated panels for this sector…more

Exhibition fitout 214

Exhibition Fit-outs

We cater to the demanding needs of the Australian Exhibition Fit-out industry. All laminated panels for Exhibition fit-outs are…more

Kitchen and Joinery - Australian Laminators

Commercial Furniture & Joinery

Australian Laminators produces a high quality range of laminated panels for use in commercial furniture and joinery…more

Wardrobe 214-119

Wardrobe Manufacturers

Wardrobe manufacturers typically require panels using a select range of Vinyl laminates together with either Plasterboard, Particle Board, or MDF substrates…more

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We are a wholly family owned Australian company, supplying flat laminated panels to a diverse range of industries. We pride ourselves on being “Leaders in Lamination”.

Our mission is to deliver specialised flat laminated panel solutions on spec, on time, at a competitive price whilst aiming to make a positive contribution towards the protection of the environment.

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