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Australian Laminators is a wholly Australian family owned company, supplying flat laminated panels to a diverse range of industries.

We pride ourselves on being “Leaders in Lamination”. Our mission is to deliver specialised flat laminated panel solutions on spec, on time, at a competitive price whilst aiming to make a positive contribution towards the protection of the environment.

Our specialty is to provide customised laminated panels, and in particular  high pressure laminated panels, cut-to-size and made-to-order.

We service manufacturers in the following industries:


Our customers appreciate and expect top quality service and products. We eliminate the need for value added manufacturers to carry large stocks of paneling – we make to order when you need it.

Because we cover such a wide range of industries we are fully conversant with the right product for the job. Our laminated panels are purpose built for each specific industry, with consideration for the tolerances and high demands required by particular manufacturers.

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