Company Overview

Australian Laminators is one of the largest overlayers of sheet material products in Australia.

Established in 1993, Australian Laminators is an Australian family owned business located in the western suburbs of Sydney centered within major intrastate and interstate distribution routes.

Australian Laminators specialise in manufacturing a wide range of laminated panels for a variety of industries both nationally and abroad. Our expertise in laminating processes ensures quality and reliability while the vast range of materials used enable application based solutions.

Our commitment to Customer Service and Personal Relationships has contributed immensely to our long standing business relations. The opportunity to provide solutions for our customers needs has also contributed to the overall development of our specialised business.

  • 3mm White MDF Foil-line available in a range of sizes
  • Decorative laminated product options
  • Selected range of Paper Foils and Vinyl Films laminated onto Particleboard, MDF, Plywood, Plasterboard or other Panel products
  • Your selection of High Pressure Laminates pressed onto Particleboard, MDF, Plywood, Plasterboard, or other Panel products
  • Laminated Panel Products
  • Particleboard, MDF, Plywood or other panel products laminated together
  • Toll Pressing facilities
  • Laminating facilities for your choice of materials*
  • Cut-to-size Facilities

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25 Boden Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147

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